Free iPhone 5 (No Catch, No Scam, No Spam)

Free iPhone 5 – Many readers ask me how can someone offer a free iPhone or a free iPad ? This article will clear all your doubts and queries. So buckle your seat belts as this article is long, informative and will require few minutes.

What is Internet ? What is its purpose ?

We all use internet to visit sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google. We want to hangout with friends and family and virtually. We use internet to search information for education, career and research too.
And there is no doubt that we use it to buy all sort of stuff too. Today’s internet economy is centered about socializing, information research and marketing/promoting/selling products. So how can anyone sell the products by giving them away free ?
Free stuff was available all over the internet from very early days of it. Its obvious it was not like offering free electronic stuff and all but companies always provided their new products free of cost. But question is why ? Are they losing money by doing so ? No, but they are actually making money in long term of marketing.

Test and Keep iPhone 5

Every free stuff given away by a brand company always creates buzz. Lets see a situation. Suppose a friend of yours get a

free iPhone 5

or a free iPad. What will be your first reaction ?
“How ? From where ? Which company is giving it ? Can I get mine too ?”
See, now if your friend clear all queries, you will keep that company in your mind. This type of marketing is call social marketing or viral marketing where things spread virally.
Apart from this, there are hundreds of reasons for a company to give away free stuffs.

Free iPhone 5

After such a long post, we finally arrive to the point where we will give you a method that freebie hunters use to get their latest technological gadgets. Free iPhone 5 is the freebie which you can get.

Test and Keep iPhone 5

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