iPhone 4S cases – Buying guide

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iPhone 4S cases – Buying guide : iPhone 4 and 4S unfortunately do not come with a protective case. The designers probably do not want the amazing phone to be covered up under a case. But many users want the valuable devise to be safe from smudges, stains and scratches. Are you one of them?

iPhone 4S cases

Thankfully few companies are selling protective cases and covers for iPhone 4 and 4S. Here are the things you need to know before buying iPhone 4S cases:

iPhone 4S cases

– Bumper cases have become popular these days. Even Apple has got bumpers to its collection. A bumper wraps the iPhone around the edge. If you are into hip hop, you should get a bumper. These bumpers come with different colors choose the one that best suits your personality. Apple Bumpers cost $29 each while Scosche BandEdge G4s cost $25.

If you plan to buy a pouch or a sleeve, you will lose the option of accessing to the phone’s touch-screen. But the advantage this type of covers has is that it completely saves your phone from scratches and smudges. Some of the pouches and sleeves come with extra padding which guard the phones against bumps and shocks. If you are a rough user, go with a pouch. It will save your iPhone from damages. Marware CEO Glide will cost you $20 while Sena iPhone Elega and UltraSlim will cost you $40 and $30 respectively.

iPhone 4S cases

– If you want complete protection or want a corporate look to your device, go for a flip case. Some flip cases even have a pocket for keeping cash, credit cards and ID. The best thing about flip cases is that it gives access to the touch-screen. Nizmo’s iPhone 4 cases are priced at $30 and Sena Cases Sena Magnet Flippers are priced at $52.

Skins for iPhones are becoming popular. These cases are simple to remove and give the device some good grip. It comes in various colures. A Griffin Technology Motifwill cost you $20 while an Incipio Step will cost $35.

When buying iPhone 4S cases, make sure that the case does not block your phone’s microphone, bottom-mounted speaker, light sensor and dock-connector port. Confirm that these parts along with headphone jack, camera lens and the flash are visible and not obstructed. Then you need to figure out whether the case is easily removable or not. Unless the case is easily removable, you will face problems every time you use dock-cradle accessories.

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Free iPhone 4S – The Wonderful Product

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Free iPhone 4S – In recent years, there are a lot of smart-phone products in the market. iPhone 4S is one of the leaders in the current world.

Produced by Apple, Free iPhone 4S is one of the leading gadgets in the market. This product has almost the same design as the iPhone 4 model previously introduced by Apple years ago. However, the features of this gadget are much better than the iPhone 4 model.

First of all, Free iPhone 4S has the artificial intelligence design. This design is a very great one, which is called Siri. Siri is one of the important features introduced by Apple through this device. It would enable users to interact with the Siri personal assistant and use voice to control the system to do some of the daily tasks. For example, users can simply say “Siri text Helen to schedule the meeting at 5pm”. Then, your iPhone 4S device would automatically send the message to your client Helen regarding the meeting time.

Of course, there are also some other features that customers would like to enjoy from Free iPhone 4S. For example, the retina display screen would allow users to enjoy videos and games. There are numerous applications and games that people can download from the App Store of Apple and install them in their lovely iPhone 4S.

If you are having other Apple devices such as MacBook or iPod, you can be benefited from the iCloud feature. This is one of the technology breakthroughs that Apple has done. It would enable Apple to do cloud computing. Users would enjoy this when they take photos. The photos would automatically be uploaded to the iCloud server and other devices which have authorized iCloud with your account would download the photo automatically. In other words, you can view the photo in your MacBook or PC immediately after you have taken the photo with iPhone 4S and you would not need to use additional connection cable for the transfer of photo.

Just like the previous models, Free iPhone 4S would be available in several options in terms of internal memory. People can choose to buy 16GB, 32GB and 64GB of iPhone 4S according to their own usage habit. They can also choose the color. So far, customers can choose to have the white or black color of iPhone 4S and they can use the bumpers or other types of cases to make the exterior look of this gadget more interesting.

iPhone 4 backing changes color with heat

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iPhone 4 is already very popular for its unique feature, amazing look and efficient design. What if your iPhone is adorned with vibrant colors that will add another star to your iPhone. This magic can happen with iPhone 4 backing which is heat sensitive. iPhone 4 backing is a self-adhesive laser cut backing that change colors in the range 90 to 95 degrees F – or just below body temperature. At only .005’, it’ll fit nicely under any bumper you put on your phone too.

iPhone 4 backing changes color with heat

iPhone 4 backing changes color with heat

These heat sensitive backings are made by RF Laserworks.The backing changes color with heat generated from your hands, pockets or anywhere else where you put your phone into. Change of color is not limited to the external touch, it is also visible while playing music, surfing phone, playing games etc.There are ranges of heat sensitive backing’s colors, that starts from black (cold), all the way through red, yellow, green and deep blue (hot).

The demo of chemo graphic behavior of iPhone 4 backing is also available on YouTube! Check out the demo here.
As the range of colors depends on the intensity of heat. So, in colder climates it takes little longer to respond since it takes time to reach a temperature close to that of your body.

This item is normally available at $11.99.

iPhone 4S battery life problem still persists despite the fix

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iPhone 4S battery life problem persists as iPhone 4S users are still facing the battery life issues since its release. It was expected that the recent release with updated iOS 5.0.1 could have fix the battery life issue. Though Apple has come up with lot of bug fixes in its recent release and one of them as assured by Apple was the fix of battery life, but all in vain. Unfortunately, users are still reporting this issue.

iPhone 4S battery life problem

Users are registering their complaints on Apple’s discussion board expressing their resentment against iPhone 4S battery life problem. Resentment would have been much less if the fix would not have made this issue worse than before. Rate of battery drainage is much faster than expected. The miseries of iPhone 4S users are quite reflecting in their complaints below:

Yesterday I upgraded to 5.0.1 and now battery life is SIGNIFICANTLY WORSE. Yesterday 20 min of web surfing took it down 1%. This morning, after the upgrade last night, 20 min of surfing took it down 10%. That’s 10 times worse!
Please help! How do I go back to 5.0.0?

Another complaint by the user :

I upgraded my iPhone 4S to the 5.0.1 release today. However, I’ve noticed that my battery life has actually gotten worse since I upgrade. For example, I’ve been home for approximately 30 minutes and my battery has gone down in 8%. In the 30 minutes, I had a 30 second phone call and sent 3 text messages. I am connected to our wi-fi (which is a strong connection) and I have re-started my phone.

Above all something unique is happening with the users like some are quite satisfied with their battery life after the upgrade but on the other hand some are completely dissatisfied.
There are lots of uncertainties what exactly is the issue, since everything in the hardware and software is same.

As it is said that brand of the product is in itself is a big thing that people chase. Despite the iPhone 4S battery life problem reported by users, the iPhone 4S managed to sell 4 million units by the end of its first weekend of release. Thanks to all the over the top features provided in iPhone 4S that has overcome the iPhone 4S battery life problem.
Hope Apple lands with its next release soon in the market with full fledged resolved iPhone 4S battery life problem.

iPhone 5 Features and Specifications – Improvement on iPhone 4s

iPhone 5 features – As the iPhone 4S was made public last month, it has made its place in the heart of its consumers with its incomparable features like 3.5-inch Retina Display, 8 -megapixel camera, a dual-core processor and support for Siri, a voice activated virtual personal assistant. iPhone 5 Features will be discussion of this post.

iPhone 5 features

The consumers and big fans of apple products are waiting eagerly for the next release i.e iPhone 5, the device that Apple has yet to confirm. They already have set some goals in the form of improvement in iPhone 5. Expectations seem to be high this time.

Some of the improvements that folks are expecting as

iPhone 5 features


  • 4G Potential

Fast access to internet is the demand of the emerging Internet and one of the

iPhone 5 features

. Many competitors have already brought 4G potential in their devices, that is though available in iPhone 4S but partially. The feature of  iPhone 4S to connect to the Web via 4G-like speeds over 3G network is unfortunately only available to AT&T customers. All others will be able to access the Web only at 3G speeds.

  • Bigger Screen Display

Currently iPhone 4S is with 3.5-inch Retina Display as compared to the competitors in the market who has already ahead of it with 4.3-inch displays. If Apple wants  to continue to maintain its hold in the market, it must bring a 4.3-inch screen to the iPhone 5.

  • Long Lasting Battery Life

Though Apple continued to improve the battery life of iPhone in every release but more increase to battery life will make a safe place for it in the market. As statistics show that the talk time on the iPhone 3Gs is up to 5 hours, iPhone 4 up to 7 hours, and iPhone 4S up to 8 hours. So there are guesses that it will come with increased battery life in next release.

  • Faster Processor

The iPhone 4S has come up with new A4 dual core processor chip. Fans are crossing their fingers to have iPhone 5 equipped with A6 processor, that will surely distinctively separate Apple from its other competitors.

  • Renovated Body

Apple is known for its innovative and unique iPhone designs. Many fans are expecting revamp in the looks of iPhone. So, iPhone 5 with new looks will definitely heart throb its fans.

  • 3D support

Support for 3D is so popular among the consumers that Android-based handsets beat out the iPhone 4S. With that in mind, it would be nice to see the iPhone 5 add support for 3D graphics.

Though the expectations will continue to rise, if the Apple is reading these expectations then it would hopefully take up this as a feedback for its next release and come up with a great product as always.

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iPhone 5 Release Date – Is 2012 year of iPhone 5?

iPhone 5 Release Date – Many rumors are spreading regarding the release of iPhone 5 in our world of technology. The most discussed topic after the iPhone 4S review is ‘iPhone 5 release date‘. We have also seen some iPhone 5 features grabbing attention around the web.

As previously reported, many analysts are expecting iPhone 5 to be featuring LTE and 4G. A teardrop design was also available. Regarding the hardware of iPhone 5, we could say it would be incredibly fast because it has 1.2 to 1.5 GHz quad core A6 chip in it. Many sources are saying that Apple is ready with the design and frame but is still waiting for the technology to release it. Because LTE was not available in October release, the release of iPhone 5 was pushed to 2012. There are also rumors of bendable iPhone 5 which could enhance gaming experience but questions are being raised regarding its perfection.

We like to remind you that the iPhone 5 is to be released with mobile Flash, as its previous products. Flash maker Adobe has already announced that support for mobile Flash has already been discontinued and instead, developers should use HTML 5. While Apple said that the reason for leaving Flash in all its devices was its frequent crashing and drainage of battery.

The iPhone 5 was expected to be released with new iOS 5, but due to iOS battery bug (iOS Battery Bug to be fixed by Apple), iPhone 5 release was a major failure and the release seemed to be impossible for Apple.

Whatever the case may be, we will keep you updated regarding the latest release date.

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iPhone 4S Battery Bug – Apple promised to fix the bug

iPhone 4S Battery Bug – Apple has finally taken some initiative to fix the iPhone 4S Battery Bug, which was causing the drainage of the battery. Apple plans to release a patch in form of a software update that would address the problem soon.

Apart from this, Apple also released the next version of iOS versioned 5.0.1 to developers. It is said that the battery bug is fixed in the new version of iOS.

Improvements have been made in the field of security and several bugs have been fixed too.

But AppleInsider reported that many developers are still facing several issues while activating their devices for the new versions of the OS. They are also advising others not to upgrade the OS too soon.

Many day to day users reported on the Apple’s Support Forum that their battery is not lasting more than 12 hours. There have been various debates on that too.

If you read our article, we have also suggested turning the Automatic Time Zone Setting. Some users have reported that they found improvement. Others suggested that Diagnostics Service of iPhone is causing drainage of battery because of sending of large amount of data to Apple.

With these set of issues to be fixed, iPhone still tops the sales of the year selling as many as 4 millions devices on its first weekend. But still, we are expecting iPhone 4S Battery Bug to be solved.

Gmail App for iPhone – Google finally launched it officially

Gmail App for iPhone – On Wednesday, Google, the biggest search engine giant released the much awaited Gmail app for iPhone.

Gmail App For iPhone

According to Google, the application has following features :

Get alerted to new messages with push notifications and sounds
Find an email in seconds with search across your entire inbox
Autocomplete email addresses from your Gmail contacts or select from your device’s address book
Upload photos with a click using the new attachment button in compose view
On iPad, navigate your inbox and read your mail simultaneously with split view

Gmail for iOS also offers priority inbox feature for finding the messages according to priority, threaded conversations, labeling, archiving, trashing and more.
Supporting the latest touch sensors, you can view labels and folders by swiping left and right.Though it requires an iPhone running iOS 4 or later.

Gmail app for iphone application is available in iTunes.

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iPhone 4S communicates with other devices via Smart Bluetooth Chip

iPhone 4S has a really astonishing feature, at-least we think : it can communicate to other wireless devices such as heart-rate monitoring devices, watches and laptops.

iPhone 4S contains a new type of bluetooth chip that makes this possible. It takes very little power and lasts for many years.

The industry behind the development Bluetooth Technology, Bluetooth Special Interest Group, said that these devices will be known as “Bluetooth Smart”.
Japanese Company Casio said it will also release a watch that will be “Bluetooth Smart” too.

With Bluetooth smart devices, other devices can communicate such as glucose sensors for diabetics and home-automation sensors, that could alert about the proximity situations.
Apart from iPhone, Razr, a mobile phone to be launched by Motorola, will also be Bluetooth Smart Ready.

Readers, what do you think about this ? Will it be beneficial ?

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iPhone 4S Battery Bug – iOS Location Services is buggy ?

Is iOS Location Services buggy in nature ? The Guardian, a British News Site, reports that a large number of people have found even though they have not moved to different Time Zone, Setting Time Zone update is functional. If the claims are true, this could be a possible explanation for poor battery life of an Apple iPhone popularly know as iPhone 4S Battery Bug.

Apple is currently investigating battery problems of iPhone 4S. The bug, if proved to be correct, it could be reason of battery drainage problems as Location Services use various technologies like Wi-Fi network name and GPS sensor input to calculate relative position of an iPhone user. If the calculations to determine position is made too often, battery life will be shortened automatically.

The only solution which is viable for now is to switch off the automatic time zone updates (Settings -> Location Services -> scroll to bottom to System Services -> Setting Time Zone).

We are expecting results in coming weeks for iPhone 4S Battery Bug.

Readers, do you think this solution is proving good for you ?

Update : Apple promised to fix iPhone 4S Battery Bug.

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